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Add beauty and function with a retaining wall

Control drainage and erosion

Find the type of wall to suit your needs

Retaining walls are functional while adding an aesthetically pleasing aspect to your property. They can hold back hillsides, prevent soil erosion, and offer extra privacy. They also add charm and beauty to any landscape.

Different applications require different types of materials. Personal taste is another factor. We will help find what works for you and what will look the best for your yard. Choose from natural stone, block walls, or timber.

Call today for a consultaion to discuss the type of retaining wall you have in mind.







We will create the wall of your dreams

Green Team LLC will take the work off your hands and help you create your dream wall! We will design a wall to reflect your personality and needs while keeping within your budget. A successful and functional retaining wall should be low in maintenance and high on aesthetics. Enhance the beauty and value of your home or business and call us today for an estimate.

Control drainage  

and erosion